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Fun Palindromes

Palindromes are great fun.  They’re sentences that read exactly the same both forward or backward.  Try reading these both ways!

“A man, a plan, a canal: Panama.”
“Aid nine men, India.”
“Anne, I vote no one to Vienna.”
“A Toyota: race fast, safe car: a Toyota.”
“Boston did not sob.”
“But sad Eva saved a stub.”
“Cain: a maniac.”
“Campus motto: ‘Bottoms up, Mac.’”
“Can I attain a ‘C’?”
“Dennis sinned.”
“Dentist: ‘Sit, Ned.’”
“Desserts, I stressed!”
“Did Joe kill like O.J. did?”
“Do geese see God?”
“Emil, a sleepy baby, peels a lime.”
“Go deliver a dare, vile dog!”
“Go hang a salami! I’m a lasagna hog!”
“He won a Toyota now, eh?”
“I prefer pi.”
“I saw desserts; I’d no lemons, alas no melon. Distressed was I.”
“I was sad - no Hondas saw I.”
“Live not on evil, madam, live not on evil.”
“Murder for a jar of red rum.”
“Ned, I am a maiden.”
“Never odd or even.”
“No miss, it is Simon.”
“Now, sir, a war is won.”
“Put Eliot’s toilet up.”
“Race carrot or race car?”
“Senile felines.”
“Sit on a potato pan, Otis.”
“Slap my gym pals.”
“Star comedy by Democrats.”
“Tennis tips: saliva. Vilas spits in net.”
“Too bad, I hid a boot.”
“Wonton on salad? Alas, no, not now!”
“Yo! Banana boy!”

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