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Good Love Quotes

“Find a guy who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.”

“All you need is love.”
[John Lennon]

“Love is the only game that is not called on account of darkness.”
[Thomas Carlyle]

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”
[1 Peter 4:8-9]

“One is very crazy when in love.”
[Sigmund Freud]

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Hilarious Quotes

“Yesterday, a policeman in Pennsylvania broke up a robbery at a Dunkin’ Donuts. When he was congratulated on the successful stakeout he said, `What stakeout?’”

“McDonald’s announced they will be adding 25 percent more beef to their hamburgers. As a result, McDonald’s hamburgers will now feature 25 percent beef.”

“I read today in the paper that the Pope was a soccer goalie in his youth. Apparently, even as a young man he tried to stop people from scoring.”

“A new study by the American Medical Association shows that having sex does not trigger a heart attack — it’s getting caught having sex that triggers the heart attack.”

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Lost in Translation - Funny Translation Quotes

Ever seen something that was lost in the translation? Check out these funny quotes that weren’t translated quite right..

Scandinavian vacuum manufacturer Electrolux were embarassed to find lackluster sales when they used the following slogan in an advertising campaign in America: “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux.”

Coke in China? The name Coca-Cola in China was first rendered as Ke-kou-ke-la. Unfortunately, the Coke company did not discover until after thousands of signs had been printed that the phrase means “bite the wax tadpole” or “female horse stuffed with wax” depending on the dialect. The Coca-Cola corporation then researched 40,000 Chinese characters and found a close phonetic equivalent, “ko-kou-ko-le,” which can be loosely translated as “happiness in the mouth.” Much better, wouldn’t you say?.

That’s One Amazing Soft Drink. In Taiwan, the translation of the Pepsi slogan “Come alive with the Pepsi Generation” came out as “Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead.”

When Parker Pen marketed a ballpoint pen in Mexico, its ads were supposed to say “It won’t leak in your pocket and embarrass you.” However, the company’s mistakenly thought the spanish word “embarazar” meant embarrass. Instead the ads said that “It wont leak in your pocket and make you pregnant.”

The old Kentucky Fried Chicken slogan “finger-lickin’ good” came out as “eat your fingers off.” in Chinese. Whoops.

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